Summer Holiday 8th of July - 2nd of August. Already started tests will run during this period, please send your samples before June 30th.
About us

Independent test center with
the industry’s fastest lead times

Cotec Labs is a global testing center specializing in corrosion testing and surface coating analysis. Our main focus is on OEM and automotive requirements, and we assist suppliers and customers worldwide. As an approved OEM supplier for Scania, IKEA, Volvo Cars, Ford, Volvo AB, Husqvarna, and Daimler, we ensure high quality in your tests. We offer customers guiding expertise, customized service levels, and access to an accredited global testing center with the shortest lead times in the market.

Guiding expertise

Our dedicated engineers are experts in our field. We are here
to guide you through the selection of test standards, explain requirements, and offer further analysis support after tests.
We understand the needs and requirements of OEM companies, allowing us to tailor test methods to your specific needs. In addition to being a testing laboratory, we serve as knowledge guides and a vital link between our customers, OEMs, and end-users.

Tailored service level

As a global testing center, we strive to offer our customers the best service. With over 20,000 completed projects, we have extensive experience and understanding of the challenges and issues our customers face. To meet the needs of each unique project, we have developed different service levels that give you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs. Regardless of the chosen service level, you can always expect high-quality deliveries from us.

Shortest lead times
on the market

With 1st priority we initialize the test upon arrival, and deliver the results within 24 hours.

We have thousands of customers
all over the world

We are a global testing center with customers all over the world. Through close collaborations, we have a local presence worldwide and the capacity to handle tests of all sizes and levels.

Our history is the basis
for our future development

Cotec Labs is a rather young company but have yet an eventful history.
Our roots in the surface treatment industry are still intact, with half of start up staff still working here. Along with new employees and new competence we are
a great team developing new market adapted ideas at an everyday perspective.


From being a part of Proton job-coating division Proton technology…


Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025. This ensures high and precise quality, objectivity…


Started our third business area, Surface Engineering. Investments in a…


Signed agreements with some of the largest job-coaters in Sweden…


Built a new, 1200 m2 fully climate-controlled laboratory in Bankeryd,…


By new investments, reached a total of 20 m2 chamber…


From lab to a global knowledge-based business partner focused on…


Act as Global Partner, new partner in Italy. We reached…


We changed our name from Proton Technology to Cotec Labs….

… and onward

Continue to broaden our scope and market through worldwide networking….

Accredited by SWEDAC
and part of the international accreditation network ILAC

A part of Proton Group

Proton is a Swedish, family-owned industrial group in growth. We invest long-term in people, companies and industries with the potential to develop.
The journey towards the goal, the challenges we face along the way and
the pride in the work we do together are our common driving force.

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Join our team

Looking for an exciting opportunity?
Explore our open positions and take the first step towards a rewarding career.

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Laboratory and equipment

Cotec Labs provides a 1200 sqm laboratory facility. Take a closer look at our laboratory
and equipment.

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Quality and certificates

We are accredited by Swedac and part of the international accreditation network ILAC.

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